Supervisors Orientation Workshop

January 20, 2021

PDM has always provided a newly elected Supervisors orientation workshop after each election. With Covid-19 concerns we decided to conduct this year’s session virtually as a webinar. It was well…...


Enhanced Technology for Conducting CDD Business

December 17, 2020

Electronic communications for Supervisors in two communities was enhanced recently with the approval for PDM to research and purchase tablets for Supervisor business. The recommendation of PDM was for Microsoft…...


No Project Too Big or Too Small for Premier

November 05, 2020

Recently Premier bid out and is coordinating a meter changeout program at Port of the Islands CID. The CID has water, wastewater, and irrigation utility operations. The Board recently acted…...


FEMA Reimbursement Closeouts

September 15, 2020

PDM recently closed out the last of the FEMA reimbursement claims for Hurricane IRMA damages. All the Districts that currently are managed by PDM received reimbursement in full as submitted.…...