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Who We Are

Who We Are

A Florida Based Professional Management Firm

We are a Florida based professional management firm with a primary mission to provide creative, cost-effective management solutions throughout the daily operations of special districts. Our experience in working with elected Boards is a particular strength that we excel in. By working closely with elected Boards we have developed solutions for the many challenges they have presented to them.

Because we recognize that every community has a unique set of characteristics, we strive to understand the nuances of each client and adapt our services to meet each District’s individual needs which provides us with the ability to be especially responsive and provide updated information to our clients on a regular basis.

American Made Business

As an American business located in Fort Myers, FL, we were founded on the commitment of providing quality service for a fair price. Our unique size allows us to treat each community as part of the “family.”

Our client’s finances are properly managed by an extremely experienced and qualified staff, with all details being reviewed and verified by a Certified Public Accountant. This ensures that all your District’s assets are being accurately accounted for and your funds are being managed efficiently which provides total confidence.

At the heart of our integrated financial reporting services is a software program which is designed specifically for municipal accounting. Our software package is called AccuFund and with our exceptional staff we have confidence in the accuracy of our financial statements including the highest level of security.

Dedicated to creating & managing a harmonious community

We provide individualized proven solutions as a counterpoint to the monolithic culture of a large corporation. We serve as a dedicated community partner providing experienced, agile services.

Key Management Professionals

Calvin Teague

District Management Services

Cal has been known to always have your back no matter what time of day it is. That genuine compassion for his clients is one of the many qualities that trickles down to the rest of the company and how they work as a whole.

Cal’s immense experience in municipal and private sector management is felt through every project he analyzes. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and has managed complex public and private organizations across the United States. His twenty-five year city management career included both City and County management positions throughout Michigan and Wisconsin.

Cal had served as a Regional Manager with Severn Trent for their Midwest utility operations which he served until he was asked to manage their Southwest Florida regional management services division. In the Midwest, Cal was responsible for all utility operating contracts which included the City of Detroit, General Motors, Pilsbury, National Starch, and Coca-Cola. Cal served nine years as the Regional Manager for Severn Trent’s Southwest Florida’s Management Services. During that tenure, he was the manager for over 17 Special Districts before leaving to start Premier District Management.

Cal’s team provides all recording, record retention, and Board communications.

Cal’s team includes an Assistant District Manager, a Recording Secretary to prepare minutes of all meetings, and a Client Services Manager who coordinates all District Management Services.

Jennifer Miller

Accounting & Financial Services

Jennifer is known to have exceptional financial analytical skills and she has extensive financial management experience. This is obtained through her countless years working in the private sector and for the past six years in community financial management.

She obtained a Masters Degree in Information technology as well as her MBA and has always been driven by creative approaches to operational efficiencies with whomever she’s worked with.

She was a financial analyst at Severn Trent until she joined Christopher Pepin and Calvin Teague to start Premier District Management. Her team includes a staff of four consisting of an accountant, 2 CPA’s and a utility billing specialist.

Christopher Pepin

Fields Services

Christopher is a true talent and has a vast background in information technology and field services. He worked for 8 years with Severn Trent as the premier Field Services Manager in Southwest Florida before he partnered with Calvin and Jennifer to start Premier District Management. Today, Chris owns Community Field Services and provides all Field Management services for Premier and their clients.

Christopher is a certified Stormwater Management professional and leads a team of three as they provide numerous key services in meeting their Field Management Responsibilities.

He’s acknowledged by past and current clients for his unique approaches to maintenance of community assets. Christopher is especially effective at keeping clients updated on project management activities within the community.

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